Mens Apparel Graphics -Art Direction & Design, Nautical
Fashion Graphics-Art Direction, Branding & Menswear Apparel design with a Nautical mood. The prestigious SAIL Amsterdam is held every 5 years to celebrate Amsterdam's rich maritime heritage. An impressive fleet of tall ships from around the world gather in the port of Amsterdam, allowing crews and millions of visitors to catch a taste of this rich history at first hand. Brief I’ve long been an enthusiastic visitor to SAIL, so I was more than excited when nautical fashion brand City of Sails commissioned me to design a small collection of men's casual separates, in anticipation of next years spectacle. Inspiration City of Sails with its Australian nautical heritage, is well known for quality men's sportswear that’s at home on land or at sea, so the brand has the perfect combination of 'city fashion' and 'hard core sailing heritage' to draw inspiration from. Collection The collection, branding and graphics I designed are based on an imagined journey a tall ship would take, from its home port of Sydney, half way round the world to Amsterdam. The ship and its crew, the conditions they would encounter en route, and then getting everything ship shape in port.

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